My Story

In the dynamic landscape of Real Estate and development, Kevin M. Leonard stands out as a visionary known for his expansive thinking, innovative strategies, and exceptional ability to generate revenue. Over an 18-year span, Kevin has built an extensive portfolio in Real Estate, development, investing, mortgage, title, and insurance, establishing himself as a strategic powerhouse in the industry. His journey is marked by tactical precision, relentless drive, and a persuasive nature, enabling him to excel in even the most challenging economic landscapes.

Kevin M. Leonard is much more than a leader, strategist, and investor. He is a record-setting industry innovator and negotiating champion with an impressive $4.5 billion in combined sales volume and dozens of acquisition events within his career. With a strategic vision, persistence, and exceptional business and financial acumen, Kevin has scaled organizations from $100M to over $1B in sales volume and led teams of 500+ agents setting an unparalleled standard of excellence within Real Estate.

As a senior executive, Kevin has always been at the forefront, ready to adapt and forge connections. He has positioned his brands to not just compete but lead in the market, staying ahead of the curve by embracing cutting-edge technologies to enhance automation, productivity, and accountability. His analytical approach doesn’t just interpret data; it anticipates market trends, allowing him to identify and capitalize on opportunities ahead of others.

Kevin’s leadership has transformed organizations. He set a record as the youngest broker in Palm Beach Island history to both start and sell a real estate firm, achieving a 20x IRR. His management expertise extends over a vast domain, having run operations across a 500+ person organization and 58 offices, with direct responsibility for profit and loss.

Kevin has repeatedly transformed the Real Estate industry, not only through his brokerage achievements but also by building a trademarked “Luxury Agent,” a Luxury Real Estate certification program. His efforts and achievements have been globally recognized, with awards like “Rookie of the Year,” “Honoree” from Irish America Magazine, the “One Hundred Million Growth Award” from The Business Journals, and the “Winner” of the HGTV Ultimate House Hunt Award.

As Co-Founder of the Leadership Business Council, Kevin built a prestigious business community hosting a roster of Fortune 50 executives and global business leaders. A professional speaker, revenue-generating powerhouse, and top producer, he has been featured on several news outlets including WSJ, CNN, MSNBC, and more. His insights have been sought at top industry conferences, sharing stages with leaders like “The Jills” and Better Homes and Gardens President & CEO, Sherry Chris.

Kevin has been a long-standing member of multiple Real Estate organizations, actively participating in Strategic Planning Committees and Executive Leadership Committees. In his current role as President and COO at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Stouffer Realty, he has significantly increased profitability, acquired and modernized competing companies, and developed new revenue streams. His educational journey, attending four universities and earning a 2-year degree, stands as a testament to his belief that success is defined by one’s achievements and not just academic accolades. Kevin M. Leonard’s story is a testament to what can be achieved with a visionary mind, a growth-oriented approach, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. He is not just a participant in the industry; he is one of its architects